Eagle Watching


A stay with Green Tree Inn offers the perfect opportunity for viewing Bald Eagles and other bird watching. Eagles love to build their large nests along the Mississippi. One of the best places to spot our nation’s bird is along the Great River Byway. The Eagles are easier to spot if you are driving toward Alton, Illinois from Grafton, Illinois. Furthermore, the outside lane of the Great River Road gives a better view of the bluffs.

The Brussels Ferry and Hardin Riverfront in Calhoun County, Illinois is a great place to spot eagles, as is the Audubon Center at Riverlands and Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge.


Treehouse Wildlife Center

Finally, a unique place where you can find a variety of birds and other animals is the Treehouse Wildlife Center. Situated on 8 1/2 peaceful acres between Alton and Grafton, IL this center provides community services to people in southwestern Illinois who encounter sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife. Learn More.