Cahokia Mounds

Explore Cahokia Mounds – A unique destination filled with culture.

Cahokia Mounds is a State Historic Site previously home to Native Americans. Unique, pre-Columbian era features certainly make this is a popular traveler destination. As a result, tourists include a visit Cahokia Mounds on their list for a rich historical experience. This historical site is located along the Mississippi River. Explore carefully preserved tools, artifacts and ancient mounds, attend an event and more on your next getaway.



Notable Features

  • Park covers 2,200 acres
  • 80 man-made mounds
  • Grand Plaza stretches to the South
  • Site was settled around 600 CE
  • Copper metals workshop
  • Gift shop onsite

Consequently, the location became a more complex society over time and is excellently preserved. Furthermore, artisans created a variety of unique items, many religious or symbolic in nature. Archeologists excavated and preserved artifacts.

The Woodhenge structure is comprised of a timber circle. This feature is connected to the agricultural cycle, probably used as a sundial or type of calendar.

Noteworthy Events

Moreover, even more exciting are the events taking place throughout the year. Plan your trip just right and coincide with Artifact Days, Nature & Culture Hikes, and 5k Runs open to the public. Cahokia Mounds admission is free. Donations are much appreciated. A great family-friendly destination!

Check out the upcoming events page while planning your trip to this ancient site. Tourists shop the gift store for souvenirs. Likewise, you can also order online through their web site at

If you have time for nothing else, certainly Explore a Timeline of Cahokia Mounds and the Native American culture online.

Finally, be sure to View Interpretive Center information.


Guests Take Guided and Group Tours. Visitors Explore Orientation Theater and an Exhibit Gallery at Cahokia Mounds. Almost seems like the perfect compliment to your trip while staying with Green Tree Inn of Elsah!


Cahokia Mounds Museum and Interpretive Center

Cahokia Museum and Interpretive Center



Mississippian Culture and Ancient America

Cahokia Mounds is a sophisticated prehistoric native civilization that will probably surprise you! Most noteworthy, the civilization was actually larger than London in the year AD 1250. For this reason, Native Americans were considered quite accomplished builders and artisans.

Hours & Admission

Cahokia Mounds is located eight miles from downtown St. Louis near Collinsville, Illinois.
Access off Interstates 55-70 and 255, and Illinois 111, on Collinsville road.


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Admission & Hours

General Admission: Free of charge

Donation suggestions:

  • $7 for adults
  • $5 for seniors
  • $2 for children
  • $15 for families

Interpretive Center Hours:
Wed – Sunday: 9 am to 5 pm
Grounds Open Daily from Dawn till Dusk



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