Cahokia Mounds

Explore Cahokia Mounds for a unique destination filled with culture.

Formerly home to pre-Columbian Native Americans, Cahokia Mounds is a State Historic Site and a popular destination for travelers seeking to know more about the Native American culture and carefully preserved tools and artifacts. Research into the site shows it was settled around 600 CE in the current form and became a rather complex society.

Notable Features

At 10 stories tall and terraced, Monks Mound is the largest and is so-named based on the monks who briefly resided there. Featuring 80 man-made mounds of various sizes and functions, the park covers 2,200 acre area. A Grand Plaza stretches to the South of Monks Mound while a copper workshop uncovered in the 1950s revealed the techniques used by the natives to work with metals. Artisans created a variety of unique items, many religious or symbolic in nature – many of which have been excavated and preserved by archeologists.

Woodhenge is comprised of a timber circle and is connected to the agricultural cycle –  possibly used as a sundial or type of calendar.

Explore Cahokia Mounds Events

Artifact Days, Nature & Culture Hikes, 5k Runs and other events take place throughout the year at Cahokia Mounds. Admission is free although donations are much appreciated. Be sure to check out their upcoming events while planning your trip to this ancient site. A gift shop is located onsite for picking up a souvenir during your trip but you can also order online through their web site at You can Explore a Timeline of Cahokia Mounds and the Native American culture of those who inhabited the site so long ago.


Guided and Group Tours, Orientation Theater and Exhibit Gallery are all great ways to explore Cahokia Mounds while staying with Green Tree Inn of Elsah.


Cahokia Mounds Museum and Interpretive Center

Cahokia Museum and Interpretive Center

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