Brussels Ferry

This ferry crosses the Illinois River linking Route 100 to Calhoun County and the village of Brussels. Located west of Grafton and 4 miles east of Pere Marquette State Park there are two ferries operating at certain times of the year.


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Most noteworthy, the ferries help keep the river free of ice during the winter and the action of their propellers stun fish and help bring them to the surface. This attracts many Bald Eagles and makes for an incredible bird-watching experience.

IDOT owns and operates two free ferries that travel across the Illinois River. Consequently, the ferries are operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week on a schedule. Ferry services are offered to Illinois residents and visitors. They improve access across inland waterways within or bordering Illinois.

Learn more about Ferry schedules, rates, maps and more at the Calhoun Ferry Company website.

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