Meeting of the Great Rivers from Pages of Travel

This Pages of Travel article covers the many amazing features at the Meeting of the Great Rivers in Illinois. The section covering “Where to Stay” in the Great River Valley features The Green Tree Inn Bed & Breakfast with an informative article and many great pics! The Elsah, Illinois General Store and Museum are noted alongside the beautiful English village design of Principia College.


Pages of Travel describes several unique area attractions to be found at the Meeting of the Great Rivers…

Area Attractions

Further along their Great Rivers tour the article explores the Treehouse Wildlife Center, Hakuna Matata River Cruise, and Grafton Zipline Adventures. Each section of this article provides great background information and images of the various attractions covered.



Historical Statues & Monuments

If you are a history buff, a number of historical statues and monuments are located along your way during a visit the Meeting of the Great Rivers. What remains of The Confederate Prison Site, the first state prison of Illinois, is available for viewing 24/7. Lincoln Douglas Square in Alton is home to statues depicting the story of Abraham Lincoln challenging Stephen Douglas to a series of debates. Robert Wadlow of Alton, best known as the World’s Tallest Man, has a statue of his very own reflecting his incredible height of 8 feet 11.1 inches tall at the time of his death.


Where to Eat

Explore a variety of delicious dining, winery & brewery hot spots to checkout during your visit. The Loading Dock is a popular riverfront option while the Grafton Winery & Brewhaus offers a wine and beer selection to suit any taste.


Read The full article at Pages of Travel to learn more about these attractions and find out about others to help plan your trip to the Meeting of the Great Rivers…